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Testimonials for "Beautifiul Disasters"

"This is a gripping account of a mother's efforts to rescue her teenage son from descent into depression, drugs, and ultimately death. She tries therapists, drug rehab, disciplinary actions, and love. Her son, a talented and well-liked young man, just can't respond. While this story is grim, it is written with frankness and candor and can offer insights or solace to families going through a similar experience." - Jane Shaw Stroup, Chair, James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal   

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Book Launch for "Beautiful Disasters" - Tuesday 6/30/17. Wake Forest - more details at

Most Requested Speaking Topics

  • Teen Depression and Substance Abuse – Learning the signs and what to do  
  • Grief in our kids and teens  
  • Surviving the loss of a child by suicide: the story of my survival and recovery  
  • Supporting troubled adolescents  
  • Contact Carolyn for complete list

Shore Soap

Something else i do is create soap - Shore Soap - which benefits The Shore Grief Center. You can find us at craft fairs throughout NC and via and search for Soapbytheshore.

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